22/11/09 - PES Editor 2010

D4v0r is updating PES Editor for PES2010 and has released a beta version. Check his thread on evo-web.

21/3/09 - PES Editor 2009-2

Works with US version of PES2009. Sometimes Konami make small changes to the US game which means conversion between US and Euro option files may cause in-game bugs.

1/11/08 - PES Editor 2009 released with source code

Available on the downloads page now.

30/4/08 - PES Editor 2008 for the US version of PES2008

Available on the downloads page now.

11/11/07 - PES Editor 2008 for Mac users

Java 6 isn't available for Mac users yet, so I've made a version of the Editor that'll work with Java 5: downloads

27/10/07 - PES Editor 2008

For PS2 option files only.  Available from my downloads page now.

9/9/07 - PES Editor 6.0.6

Fixes a bug in 6.0.5 which caused problems when importing a kit from an option file containing a large number of '16 colour' emblems.

5/7/07 - PES Editor 6.0.5

Can now open and save option files in Max Drive (.max) format.

20/4/07 - PES Editor 6.0.4
4/3/07 - PES Save Converter 6.0.2

Fixes a bug in 6.0.1 which made it think that all files opened were US files, thus causing Euro to Euro replay conversions to have messed up appearances.

25/2/07 - PES Save Converter 6.0.1
25/2/07 - PES Editor 6.0.3
9/2/07 - PES Editor 6.0.2

Now works with US version of the game. The European and US versions of the game use different sets of player face graphics:

9/2/07 - Editor hanging while loading problem

This problem affects some people but not others, it seems to be caused by a bug in recent updates of Java 5 (definitely affects update 9, and probably 10 also).

14/11/06 - PES Save Converter 6

New tool for Windows XP, Java NOT required for this one. Converts PES6 save files PS2<>PC.

14/11/06 - PES Editor 6.0.1
27/10/06 - PES Editor 6

If you've not used my editors before - read the PES Editor page for an introduction, and also the editor's built in help pages for more details on how to use it. 

Users of my PES5 Editor - you'll know what to expect, grab it now from the downloads page, the only notable changes are a couple of new options for importing individual players, and an option to list duplicate players.